translucent object lighting

hi all !

decided to be proactive about sharing some quick and easy lighting demonstrations.

here we have a DIY light modifier called a grid spot that reduces the angle of view of light. often times comes in 3-degree as the narrowest up to 30-degrees of spill.

the DIY grid spot is actually glued onto an existing reflector that is then fitted onto my armatar 100ws baretube, 283 vivitar flash that was modified. grid spot was made using coroplas a black corrogated plastic material that works good only with flashes and NOT on tungsten (hot lights will obviously melt them).

flash was set at 1/4 power manually. iso 100. u can see how the flash was almost like a spot light with a softer edge because of flash/subject distance.

these images were straight out of the camera. by all means not perfect. next post i’ll talk about dots and fingers. some light control tools that limit/control highlights.


here is a view of the setup.

diy grid setup & light qualiity


the challenging aspect of the setup photograph was retaining the image of the small tiny screen on my trusty/crusty canon 10D… any body guess on how this was done ?

simple but effective…

1/15th second at f/5.6 iso 100. the shutter allowed the image of the small screen to ‘burn in’ to be exposed. if i had made the photograph at 1/200 the actual ambient exposure of the screen would have made the image look like the LCD screen was about 4-stops under…

grid closeup

this is a closeup of what a grid spot looks like. the corrogated deep cut coroplas act as a channel, limiting the light to a narrow beam with a soft edge. by varying the size of the small/large holes and depth of the coroplas you can create different angles of light from 10 degrees to 30-degree or varying in between.


4 thoughts on “translucent object lighting

    • yes sir. but w/ non tranlucent objects (opaque) i use a smaller octabank. i’ll post this setup on another post.

      cheers madmarv ! thanks for stopping thru !

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