painting with light

aspara light painting

greetings !

today’s post will be succinct and short. taking off for some photographs on the volcano, big island of Hawaii.

by using a small LED flashlight, balanced nearly at 5000 kelvin, u can paint with light with a long exposure and a dark room.

the above asparagus image was made on film. iso 200 at 30 seconds at f/8 in a dark room, i first ‘painted’ in the top of the image while lens was sharp then shifted the focus and ‘painted’ in the area in the center. bokeh light painting if you will. please note, no photoshop was used for any manipulation. actually, its the only thing photoshop cannot do is add light to areas selectively…

below is a sample LED flashlight with a DIY snoot that protects the camera from stray light entering the lens during your 8-15 second exposure.

my light brush w/  new grid snoot

Last Night Blooming Cerreus

light was applied in the center of the stamen area.

a smaller LED light w/ optic fiber was used to paint the inside of the rose.

the inner rose

even people can be painted. just have your subject stay still for up to 20 seconds exposure time. feel free to mix flash / strobe gelled and ungelled.


6 seconds at f/14 iso 100. back light fired red gel (barebulb armatar 100 modified vivitar 283) with LED light painted foreground. tattoos by the infamous Mike Ledger.

some of the more challenging subjects is glass. below u can see some squiggles of light caused by reflection of the LED light being ‘seen’ as a reflection.

Bottles Painted

20 seconds, f/8. 200 ISO fuji Super G200. no photoshop manipulation. at the end of nearly 18 seconds exposure, i put the lens out of focus at random, then fired the background strobe.that is why the forms around the glass are out of focus. background light Profoto Compact Plus

more to come !


8 thoughts on “painting with light

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