light painting 101

leica blue

aloha !

today i’d like to share this wonderful tool called a Hosemaster created by light painting guru Aaron Jones. found a link below to familiarlize yourself with a total in camera process with a special tool. one could use a LED flashlight too.

above, Leica M2 painted with light. on blue paper background. 20 seconds, 100 iso, 50mm lens. painted with a AA led light with a custom snoot made from paper / optic fiber wand attachment.


above u can see the hosemaster w/ shutter unit. not exactly portable. usually a camera is placed on a tripod with lens shooting thru the shutter unit.

below a close up photograph of one of the many attachments that be changed to control the light. notice the red button. there are two buttons that control opening and shutting the shutter and dropping diffusion filters in front of the shutter unit.

hosemaster tip

shutter unit w/ diffusion

above, close up image of the shutter unit and below a view of the diffusion filter. the filters can be changed also.


here is a paddle attachment. noice the beautiful highlights on the metallic surface.

paddle hosemaster

cerreus light painted

light painted cerreus. using LED light modified with a optic fiber attachment. background light vivitar 285HV w/ blue gel . background is blue paper shot thru. so u can see paper fibers..

what is light painting ?

light painting is usually created in camera while the shutter is open in a dark room, a light source is used to ‘paint’ in subject/objects. exposure in the film days was usually made with a polaroid proof. exposure times can vary from 15 seconds to more than 1 minute.


background light, vivitar 285HV with RED GEL snooted, foreground (key light) LED flashlight. 20 seconds, f/7.1 , ISO 100 with RED LIGHT GEL. NO PHOTOSHOP. CREATED 100% in camera. Campagnolo cork screw


background light, vivitar 285HV popped 3 times, foreground (key light) LED flashlight. 20 seconds, iso 100. NO RED LIGHT APPLIED.

sleeping hexar

lit with Vivitar 285 HV background on 1/16th power, LED flashlight foreground. Lensbaby 2.0 lens with custom aperture disk. 15 seconds, f/8 iso 100


9 thoughts on “light painting 101

  1. Sick pics, Cory. Love the light painting. A little too advanced/technical for me, but I love the final products!

  2. Aloha! This is surgical precision man. Did you see the light painting on the henessey bottle on strobist. Very fluid.

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