Arca Swiss 4×5 & musings

today’s post is with amazing assistance from Dr. John Emmett, a linchpin, meister ! he first converted my broken Hasselblad 2000FC series krap titanium shutter to his amazing proprietary carbon fiber shutter ! his contact info will be at the bottom of this post. feel free to contact him about any hasselblad 2000 FC series mods, carbon shutter replacements at

next, i need to adapt the rear toyo 45A back to the front removable plate on the arca to mate the toyo field camera to the body as a focus unit with full tilt and shift abilities.


6 thoughts on “Arca Swiss 4×5 & musings

  1. Dear Mr. Lum

    I just found your postings. I have a view camera that I purchased on ebay; I was told that the camera would take 4×5 Toyo D/G backs, but the Graflok back that I purchased is too small. The back that came with the camera is 171mm wide – the same as the dimensions of some Arca Swiss boards that I have seen on ebay. Is it possible to adapt the Arca Swiss boards, by somehow attaching my Graflok back to one of them? Do you know if the flanges on back of the Arca Swiss boards are similar to the flanges of Toyo boards or backs?

    Maurice Bryant

    • maurice. 171mm x 171mm back. for rear camera. i’m reading your questions and am a little confused, because, first you talk of the 171mm wide back that came w/ camera. then talk about the arca swiss boards on ebay, boards is where the lens is mounted on.

      did your toyo camera arrive without a back ?

      not sure if the toyo and arca swiss are similar, without looking i can guess, its probably different.

      it is possible to stick or mash it together.

      contact adam at
      they can mash things or mate things together for you.

      • Thanks for responding. The back that came with the camera is a regular back. I was hoping to get a 171mm Arca Swiss lens board or adapter, widen the hole if needed, and somehow attach the smaller (158mm) Graflok back, then attach that to the camera.

  2. hey maurice. cool
    why do you want to take the regular back off ? and wident the hole and make more work ?
    for a regular 4×5 ?

    these backs were installed above because the older graflex back you cannot use regular 4×5 film holders and none of the polaroid backs/fuji quickload backs.

    sorry , since we can’t talk its challenging w/ the limited writings we’re doing

    if you have more questions, happy to hash through !

    ps if you have sk grimes do it and machine , which they could do . it might be easier just using the regular original toyo back that came w/ the camera.

    • Thanks again. I’d like the benefits of tilting and shifting AND be able to use a digital back, 6×6,and so on. The search continues…

      • you could use a smaller bellows /system for digital back and 6×6

        the 4×5 platform is very large

        cambo makes a smaller bellows for digital
        also you could adapt a linhof 6x9cm camera w/ movements and have a camera that is much smaller / more compact

        i’m in the process of designing and making a 24×36 inch film camera

        wish me luck. thanks for stopping thru !

        many thanks
        if you have any ideas or input for future blog topics, please chime in .
        much appreciated


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