on the ground… panoramic images

above, tons of sand and debris inundate what was once strawberry fields in watari, miyagi. japan. april 30, 2011. if you’re in japan and want to volunteer to assist w/ tohoku survivors. volunteeringintohoku.blogspot.com/ is still a lot of work to assist with. roughly, 10-12 people a day can assist cleaning 1 home a day. tasks include removing debris, ripping out tsunami inundated dry wall, throwing out water damaged belongings and removing the clay/mud that settled under the homes.

above, stitched double panoramic image of damage within a warehouse where cars were stacked with the immense power of the tohoku tsunami. 30 april 2011. about 0.5 kilometers from the ocean. watari, Miyagi. japan

above image of watari shoreline damage. surreal. 30 april 2011. panoramic photograph by cory Lum

schlepping along a tripod isn’t the most fun thing in the world. the 360-degree view shows how inundated this area near the coastline of Sendai in a town near Watari. my heart goes out to all the survivors and volunteers helping to rebuild tohoku japan.


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