diff strokes for diff folks

accidental double exposure while being pressured by security personnel on hand to prevent photographs from the top of the guggenheim museum, NYC. homage to moholy Nagy. noblex 135S panoramic camera. fuji film. the noblex features a lens that swings or rotates for images around 135-degrees diagonally. used 4 AAA batteries and even had front shift or front rise. meant u could have the horizon line in different positions.

sharing a lensbaby panoramic image of lanikai, one of my favorite beaches on oahu. when approaching many of my gigs i strive for a different view, a unique view that sometimes requires some special equipment and other times just some mad skills. insert sinister laugh here.

often times many photographers are working the same gig, one needs to focus on your personal vision. what is this ? usually before heading out to a gig, while in transit, i’m thinking about how to share the story visually. a core part of this is your imagination, which is endless. although, its never the same as what you imagine, sometimes having a mental checklist of images that were not created often times will be a ‘unique’ image in the end. i’m wondering if i’m making sense… or the petite syrah from last night is talking ?

how important is your vision ? it can be a frustrating subject to young photographers. my personal philosophy about image making is this, if you can literally put a camera in a place you cannot, the image yielded will be interesting. easier said than done. for example, many different perspectives are possible, the key point is offering the viewer of your photographic image a new vantage point or a view. freshness. craziness or whatever you want to call it.

you’re probably thinking its all been done… well stop reading here and get rid of your cameras if you think this. LOL.

in every new situation, new client, new products, new ideas etc offer new opportunities. although a foundation of art historical references such as paintings, digital art and three dimensional arts have been created, there is the opportunity for visual renaissance based on what has been done. what you don’t want to do is recreate the wheel and think you have a new invention. enough of my rhetoric. hey, aren’t you suppose to be a photographer ? i hate writing, but i am forced to, to share my ideas and thought processes. more writing coming soon.

above, luminarium image features 12-images shot using a special rig that keeps the camera level and has the ability to turn on the lens’ nodal or center. as you rotate each image, each is overlapped with ample overlap to be stitched later. the more even the exposure, the easier the panoramic will look. also remember white balance issues.

some rigs for cubic sphericals or complete spheres or 360-degree views require a rig like the one below

another one of my rigs is this one here. this is the one i use with creating 12 images, horizontal formatted panoramics.

the below was two 360-degree views added together.


2 thoughts on “diff strokes for diff folks

  1. Really cool. Nice words as well.

    Suggestion for you blog, go into general settings at the bottom left of your wordpress control panel and take out that byline that says “just another wordpress blog.

    Hope all is well.

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