Blooming Ajisai

Ajisai blooms in Kamakura, Japan (above photograph, nikkor 105mm f/1.8 lens, freelensed). This year was unusual at our favorite place in Hasedera, it seemed only 15-percent of the plants were flowering. Quite disappointing considering standing in line for almost one hour and then seeing this below. usually, the whole mountain terrace is loaded with a panoramic sea of colors. this year, only green. whoa … what is freelensing ? carefully holding lens after removing the lens from the camera body, then tilting or moving the lens away from the body, like an invisible extension tube. Using the canon 7D, the sensor is smaller so the 35mm lenses have more coverage allowing the photographer to tilt, swing the lens.

Thousands of people flocked to see these little morsels of color, meandering in murmuring lines of humanity. i’m not usually a ‘flowerly guy’ but living in japan, every season (hawaii is stuck in perpetual summer) is greeted with an amazing array of flowers that signal a season. The olfactory glands are in full swing as you peruse through undulating terraces, climbing, climbing and climbing. ayu tagged along for this short vacation, so with camera and a baby strapped to my chest. fun ! try making macro photographs with a wiggling one year infant moving. manual focus becomes challenging.

people wall to wall making photographs of the tiny hydrangea flowers known as ‘ajisai’. ranging from whites, pinks, purples and even cyans. wow ! the fresh air of kamakura rejuvenated our bodies as we hiked through mountainous roads ending up in amazing smaller temples along the way. Kamakura is an amazing place for exploring.

ajisai or hydrangea are about the size of your palm.

image below, snaking lines of people. we happened to go on a weekday, i can only imagine what weekends are like with thousands more people. lines are common. if you’re visiting japan, go early, Hasedera opens at 8AM.


2 thoughts on “Blooming Ajisai

  1. Free lensing FTW! I can totally picture you doing this. Camera body in one hand, lens in another hand, and then the baby wants to play. If something goes wrong, which do you drop first? 🙂

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