yokohama wanderings

Wandering about Yokohama on a fine, muggy afternoon with Mr. T. Decided to ‘layer’ images of the port city, 6-images at a time, various compositions using the Hexomniscope 6-pinhole camera. Keeping ye ole fingers crossed until i process the film sooner or later. I really wish processing C-41 in japan wasn’t so expensive ! really miss processing at Hawaii Pacific Photo across the street in Mo’ili’ili !

The light was fabulous ! clear and clean blue skies, the sun dropped but gave a show of amazing colors and clarity.

Enjoyed also lugging the velbon tripod, a non carbon fiber variant thru the thick, muggy port city air. Happened on a cool rest spot, a Lawson’s convenience store situated just along Osambashi Pier. Grabbed a beverage and sat in the air conditioned air and watched folks peruse by outside. Also had Mr T’s Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5 lens in tow, the lens ways a ton. hefty.

along the way i was testing a Helios Russian 85mm f1.5 lens. wild bokeh. sometimes sharp sometimes bokeh’d. LOL.

i think this is commander Perry’s arrival reenactment. cool. looks like it was shot w/ a tilt shift lens ! haha !

anyways, thanks for swinging by. hopeful to post some images after i get the film back.
cheers !


2 thoughts on “yokohama wanderings

    • many thanks

      i think this sample of lens i have, Helios 40-2 has some focus issues, seems at infinity, the center frame isn’t sharp. wild !
      thanks for your comment !

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