fav focal lengths part 2 50mm

part 2 in a series. LOL

the infamous and standard focal length, the 50mm lens.

in my camera ‘stash’ i use various incarnations of the 50mm lens, each with its own signature and character. Starting with the fastest of the fastest, is the Canon 50mm f/0.95 in Leica mount, Zuiko 50mm f/1.4, Lensbaby 50mm f/2.0 in Nikon PB-4 tilt/shift bellows, and the most used, very sharp Nikkor AI 55mm f/3.5 Micro Nikkor for studio work.

above image created with Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 freelensed on a Canon 7D.

fitting into a nikon PB-4 TILT/SHIFT bellows, a Lensbaby 50mm f/2.0 . very versatile and fantastic on cropped sensor cameras. the bellows allows for some fantastic macro images. image below.

lastly, the Nikkor AI 55mm f/3.5. fantastically sharp and versatile with its flat field, or low distortion and the ability to make macro or closeup images.

image above, Nikkor 55mm micro nikkor. sharp and nice bokeh signature.
while below image, the macro also performs well for closeups too. two lenses in one.

each 50mm variant has its own character. the lensbaby features a very shallow depth and interesting bokeh signature. while sharp in the ‘sweet spot’, the lens also doubles as an interesting lens at infinity. the zuiko is a fast f/1.4 all around lens, super compact and sharp. lastly, the micro nikkor is also compact but razor sharp for all around images and most especially, closeup macro pics.

thanks for reading ! please chime in if u have any questions or comments !


13 thoughts on “fav focal lengths part 2 50mm

  1. with the “almost brainless” digital age syndrome, i’m glad to browse sites like these, so i can get my realz photography back. with so many irons in fires and multiple stoves with back burners full of things cooking away, film photography and experimenting are MOSTLY out of my reach…i live somewhat vicariously reading cory’s photo blog and checking things out at flickr. about the only wild thing i’ve done was stuck an old nikkor 50mm lens on my d200 or used a ‘door peeper’ on my coolpix950…; ^)
    keep it flowing, señor cory!

    • richard. humble thanks for swinging thru and taking the time to write. much appreciated. the numerous adapters out there create a treasure trove of affordable lenses. one needs to explore and experiment. keep the fire alive ! CHEERS ! MAHALO !

  2. Standard focal length doesn’t mean standard photos. Some amazing images there Cory. It shows the value of exploring. Although I am still not tempted to give freelensing a try! 🙂 The photo from the lensbaby on the tilt/shift bellows is fantastic. Very cool and unexpected.

  3. pablo. please be advised that infinity focus, if u intend to make photographs at this distance WILL NOT WORK. the only full frame digital camera that will work w/ the Canon 50mm f/0.95 is the Leica M9.

    u can likely find an adapter to link the RF canon 50mm/0.95 to a canon , but IT WILL NOT give you infinity focus. you will only be able to use it to focus close objects, much like a MACRO LENS.


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