apec 2011 USA

A behind the scenes view into the view i know as the ‘international pool’ made up of Xinhua, EuroVision, European PressPhoto Agency, Reuters, Agence France Presse, Getty and The Associated Press.

some work photographs here, just search under my name webgate.epa.eu/

Some of the most amazing photojournalists work in both the White House pool and this working international tight pool. an honor to be working along side such a talented group of image makers. above photograph, Jason Reed of Reuters and Getty’s Kevork Djanesezian rearrange furniture for a group photograph of 20-something world leaders. there were 4 photographers from Agence France Presse, 3 from Reuters, one from Xinhua, and a small army from the Associated Press. the teams even had one or two on site photo editors to move images quickly and caption photographs too. Kevork and i were able to move images at the same efficiency as having two photo editors, i think one major factor is that since we made the images, we knew which images to file.

above photograph made from my perch, a 6 foot tall ladder. LOL

the photo riser for the group shot was packed, not to the brim, instead everybody was scrambling for a dead on head shot, which meant there was a large concentration of photographers and video dudes amassed in the center. in my situation, kent was in the tight pool, he was positioned near dead center which meant i was covered. i did make a wide shot too just in case and instead concentrated on moments, spontaneous moments that might be historical, both with a 300/2.8 and a 70-200mm. both lenses afforded an image with intimacy and yet allowed for me to go a bit wider in case i needed to include 8-10 people. earlier the quick thinking meisters of reuters and Kevork of getty immediately grabbed a couple extra steps and added it to the center creating about a 2 foot height advantage. i found a 6-foot ladder and propped it up on the highest riser giving me a cleaner background instead of coconut trees growing out of the leaders from the group shot. the background was much nicer with greens.

background backgrouna background

kent above during a break before the last press conference of the day, concluding APEC 2011 USA

dennis oda was on fire. he was making a huge amount of group photographs ! was happy to join along in one here. LOL !

the last day of meetings and photography ops was an amazing hawaii day !
below kevork ‘walks on water’ near our hold next to the pool at the JW Marriot Ihilani Resort and Spa.


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