1 year later


year of remembrance

1 year since the devastating and catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. above,  photo i made while the earth was shaking and after i turned on the tv. it took me a while, many thoughts and images flashing through my head. decided to go see the plum blossoms bloom yesterday and share my moments of life breathing in the fresh fragrance of blooming plum. 

the earth continues to shake with bouts of movement sometimes fact or fiction. a year after, i feel shaking, trembling, crackling not quite knowing if its really shaking or a truck or simply someone walking.  

rumble. rattle.

there is also the nuclear radiation issues of the Dai-Ichi nuclear plant in fukushima. a silent and deadly killer.   radiated debris is now being spread throughout japan by bureaucratic idiots without common sense. these fools are taking known contaminated trash and debris from affected areas and moving them to various incineration plants throught japan and having the debris burned. burning releases minimal particles. the most dangerous is the ash from the contaminated debris. i wonder where this concentrated and deadly-distilled ash is being placed ? landfills ? recycled somewhere ? hindsight 20/20 ?

rumble. rattle.

there is a littany of issues the survivors are going through, there are tens of thousands still living in temporary housiing. compounding this, the experts spouting that another quake is on its way.  

yesterday, an interesting documentary on a geologic zone beneath tokyo. there lies a sleeping dragon the experts say. likely a landbased quake as large as the march 11th quake.  then they proceeded in showing pie graphs of the numbers of people likely being killed. scary.

living here in japan for a couple years now i have seen a glimpse into the psyche and the never-give-up attitude of the Japanese people. they are resilient and duty-bound, patient and steadfast. have a wonderful day, please hug someone and reflect on being thankful.

please continue to donate and volunteer.






2 thoughts on “1 year later

  1. great post, cory. the social, scientific, political and environmental effects are still being felt around the world, one year later. never forget.

  2. agreed todd. thanks sir. thanks for stopping thru. y. especially when all the junk starts to arrive to hawaii soon and on its way towards the huge swirling mess in the pacific ocean. sad. on a positive note, the cleanup is amazing and the resiliency of the Japanese people equally amazing. cheers ! have a great weekend !

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