more light

sorry for the delay in posting. made our move back to the islands.

first off, glad to assist with any portraits, wedding and commercial/advertising photography projects.

some images from last weekends wedding. commissioned to assist w/ portraits after ceremony. this was a stunningly beautiful day and equally beautiful bride and groom. brought the new D800 bodies out. these bodies scream for needing light. wasn’t too amazed w/ the way they bodies handled available light. since the clients didn’t need the 103MB file output i decided to shoot on ‘M’ or medium files. these whopping ‘M-sized’ files were 56MB total with tons of latitude.

above image shot w/ my special light modifier prototype (more on this later). please note too, all images are right out of the camera, no Photoshop at all.

running and gunning for less than an hour as light fades is always a challenge. thankfully i’m switched over back to regular pocketwizards which paired with my Armatar 300ws heads are a godsend. insert full mass here ! the pocketwizard non TTL lights worked perfectly.

decided to work simply with one light and the beautiful setting sun. the light quality from my light modifier ( i’ll call it a “LUM-ISPHERE’ patent pending) is stunning. specular highlights and the ability to offer speedy setup and nearly wind resistant too. i’m working on larger options and a windproof one too ! will be building prototypes for these sometime soon. the internal baffling and internal diffusion/reflection system inside is what really sets this light modifier apart from any current product out.


6 thoughts on “more light

  1. The Lum-isphere sounds interesting Cory. I look forward to seeing more details once you get it sorted out. I may be in the market for it. 🙂 Good on you for taking the effort to develop useful tools.

    Keep us posted!

    • thanks uchujin ! mahalo ! we’ll be back, hopefully this year. need to find a manufacturer that is not in china and get the patent done. thanks for stopping thru, thanks too for you kind words.

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