4×5 graflex


first off, thanks a million matt of www.abelsonscopeworks.com awesome and amazing work ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !

Aloha all ! happy fathers day ! 

thanks matt ! the amazing modified Graflex Super D 4×5 SLR w/  Pentac 8-inch f/2.9 lens arrived ! here above you can see at camera right,  Super D graflex 4×5 SLR w/ built in hood and super sharp kodak ektar. 

First off, the front is made from a billet piece of aircraft 6000 series aluminum an amazing feat of machining with the option of tilt added.  the front standard is secure by two knurled knobs at the center of the standard keeping the heavy 8-inch pentac in position.


Ample tilt can be attained with a slight limit by the bellows. A future project might involve making a slightly bigger bellows to accomodate more front movements. the above view is about where the lens is at infinity. 




Left, you can see the grafted Sinar 4×5 back that was installed and fitted to the original rotating graflex system. At camera right, a modified graflex 4×5 super D w/ graflok back.  One of my goals in having this modified is the ability to shoot 4×5 instant film w/ the convenience of a single lens reflex. Both Fuji 4×5 instant films and 3×4 pack films can be utilized. 

i’ll post more photographs of the lens in action shortly, need to head up to http://www.hawaiicamera.com/ to pick up some Fuji FP-100C 4×5 !’m on my last sheet.



12 thoughts on “4×5 graflex

    • motionid. gomen for the delay on pics. been busy w/ family stuffs and life. i haven’t been able to take it out yet. will keep everyone posted once i do some images. cheers and thanks . yes. we did move. mahalo ! doomo arigatoo gozaimasu !

  1. Aloha Cory
    i ‘m french photographer part of “Dancing with speed group”
    since i discover your world i’m a big fan of your work.
    i use a couple of SG and a liberator of John Minnicks AE PENTAC PETZVAL ect…
    i wondering if they are any possibility to have acces to buy that front part build for the Super D 4×5? I have TWO with a PENTAC and i ll love to upgrade some mouvements
    if you can let me know if you can help
    i wish you a great day

    • aloha bernard
      very familiar w/ your postings on the ‘dancing w/ speed group’
      thanks for swinging thru and taking the time to write a comment

      not sure on the front part
      my friend handled the one off design / CNC realization/ design etc.

      been bogged at the moment and in need of instant 4×5 film
      have to take it out and make some photographs soon

      i’ll get back to you as soon as possible

      many thanks

  2. Jeez. This thing is beautiful. I am looking at getting a Graflex Super D myself with an AeroEktar conversion. This seems to be a much better alternative with movement! WOW! Please be kind and let me know how to get one of these. 🙂

    • hi . thanks for your msg. the aero ektar combo won’t focus at infinity, will hit mirror box. so the mirror box assembly needs to be modified to handle the shorter 7-inch aero ektar. i used the pentac aero because it could focus at infinity.

      • Thanks for the reply. Your super D is amazing! Best one I’ve seen anywhere.

        I tried to reach out to your friend who did the conversion for you but with no luck. No reply. I am very interested in having this set-up done. It is beautiful! I want to shoot family with it on very important occasions. I have always wanted to shoot 4×5 and the super D has always been on my list. Would you mind connecting me with your friend? Thanks in advance!

  3. I’m looking to modify my own Series D, and I’m curious about the Sinar back you used. Is it always fixed in that vertical orientation? I’m considering harvesting a rear standard from a Cambo SC and using a reversible back made for it. What made you go with the Sinar?

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