Musings with Light


Thank you to all who participated in the recent Pacific New Media class about Painting with light at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Thanks to David Ulrich and staff for hosting this fantastic photography workshop series. honored to participate and share !  pls check out previous post light painting 101 here.

above photograph, blue gelled vivitar 285 flash within a plastic container and a small AA battery powered LED flashlight w/ special snoot. will post a photo of the snoot soon

below image made w/ ‘backlight’ only


we worked from a simple one object still life to a group image with attendees.



above images. top, one baretube flash subject rear. silhouette of subjects. 2nd image below, i ‘painted’ in the silhouette w/ LED light. 8 seconds f/8.0 iso 200


above image, 1 baretube flash placed behind john, LED flash light painted his face then w/ 4 seconds left, i quickly turned the lens out of focus and used the LED to ‘paint’ his jacket and desk areas. 8 seconds, f/8.0 iso 200 . nikon D800 w/ manual focus 105mm AIS lens.


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