film backs


quite daunting…

Polaroid 545 back, Fuji PA-45, Polaroid 405 and the fuji instant film back…

At position 10 o clock, we have the 545 pro back (4×5 format). this back takes the Polaroid type 55PN film and other 4×5 sheet films from Polaroid.

for a sampling of Polaroid 55PN pls click on this link 4×5 polaroid 55PN examples


top right is the venerable Fuji Quickload 4×5 film back. this back takes a special proprietary quickload system from Fuji with emulsions like Velvia 50, Provia 100 and Quickload FUji Pro 160 color negative and even Neopan quickoad 4×5 sheets. the beauty of this back is the ability to load and shoot film without a dark bag.

to the right of the 545 back is the Polaroid 405 back that takes 3×4-inch film like Polaroid Type 665 which features a 3×4 print and negative.

flickr’s moominsean has a wonderful collection of 665 images.

link to moominsean’s 665 images

bottom left, is a Fuji PA-45 back that takes 4×5 instant packfilm in 10 shot magazine that is loaded into the back and has 10 sheets of film. Fuji’s FP-100C 4×5 film is the culprit here below. this back usually just right onto the 4×5 graflok type back on most 4×5 cameras.


last but not least, bottom right of the original photo is a regular 4×5 film holder. takes two pieces of film, one on each side. this type of film back needs to be loaded in dark room or in a light proof changing bag. more on this later !

here’s a giant instant film camera originally at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, now in NYC.

cheers !


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