NYTIMES pig hunting

pig hunt hawaii14

Cool story working along side The New York Times reporter Lawrence Downes on a fun story about pig hunting on Oahu. Shout out of thanks to Hook You Up Outfitters’ Sonny with link to hook you up outfitters .

pig hunt hawaii6

Started off with Miles Fukushima, pictured above and his wonderful band of specialized hunting dogs early in the morning. fun ! the first challenge is that dogs move a lot faster on trails then a human being, our center of gravity is the biggest issue when traversing thru the tropical jungle navigating over loose rocks and groves of tangled trees.

we headed out to a special vallery to track and hunt the pesky pigs.

link to THe New York Times story below

Link to The New Times Story here

pig hunt hawaii1

pig hunt hawaii4

above is MIles with the cool GPS collars that allow him to track and follow his dogs live on his GPS device. amazing technology !

pig hunt hawaii3

above, we drive vehicles to a remote location to start our hunt


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