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Thumbing through some old compact discs or commonly called ‘CD’

what a blast from the past ! fun ! above photograph was the normal customarily 2-3 songs, front row in front of the crowds at Aloha Stadium, in an area called the ‘pit’. we get shuffled in after the beginning blah blah then the 2-3 songs go by really fast. need to find my michael jackson photographs /negatives…


completely forgot i used to shoot sports, got ‘ok’ at it. far cry from the ‘zen’ photography attempts in the near dark Klum gymnasium or ‘Ad Nauseum’.


if i need to share one tidbit about getting interesting photographs, my philosophy has always been, ‘put the reader (or viewer) where they cannot be…’. easier said than done. here a view into a burning condominium fire at honolulu’s century center. building didn’t have any sprinklers. the good part, i survived ! oh, also, smoke rises !


last but not least, always carry a camera. you never know what you’ll see, in this case a giant crab devouring a building in kakaako, honolulu. cheers ! have a great week !


viva las vegas


viva las vegas

Last week i attended my very first WPPI photography convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first couple of days were spent in dark rooms with judges and moderators to observe judging of the WPPI print competition.  This by far was the best learning experience i’ve ever had !  amazing !


Many attendees were from around the globe attending workshops on lighting, business and celebrity photographers.


above view of the winners of the print competition.  the prints were amazing, wishing the judging size was 16×20-inches instead of the smaller 8×10 standard print size.  next year, i need to bring a magnifying glass !


shawn from Black Tie Cinema photographs his print that took ‘Second Place’ congratulations !  link to his site


best advice given at the workshops by Ben Chrisman of .  “how to become a better photographer?  to FAIL”  .  yep. the endless process of lifelong learning !  thanks to the Chrisman’s !  inspirational work ! link to the chrisman’s site


above, Rod Gammons maker of the amazing ‘Rotolight Anova’ demonstrates the LED light that puts out 1000ws.  this amazing light can be controlled via wireless and iPhone rotolight link


another notable piece of gear was Photogenic’s new Ion Battery link here. compact size and killer power ! can’t wait to pickup a pair of these compact beauties.

Musings with Light


Thank you to all who participated in the recent Pacific New Media class about Painting with light at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Thanks to David Ulrich and staff for hosting this fantastic photography workshop series. honored to participate and share !  pls check out previous post light painting 101 here.

above photograph, blue gelled vivitar 285 flash within a plastic container and a small AA battery powered LED flashlight w/ special snoot. will post a photo of the snoot soon

below image made w/ ‘backlight’ only


we worked from a simple one object still life to a group image with attendees.



above images. top, one baretube flash subject rear. silhouette of subjects. 2nd image below, i ‘painted’ in the silhouette w/ LED light. 8 seconds f/8.0 iso 200


above image, 1 baretube flash placed behind john, LED flash light painted his face then w/ 4 seconds left, i quickly turned the lens out of focus and used the LED to ‘paint’ his jacket and desk areas. 8 seconds, f/8.0 iso 200 . nikon D800 w/ manual focus 105mm AIS lens.

back to basics

back to basics

sharing with everyone in this time of holiday cheers and special times all point to a more poignant ‘bigger picture’ . as the quest for photographic images has moved from camera to i-phone, photographers both new and old are motivated to share and most importantly store most of their images for the future on their little devices. the crux or paradox is if anything happened to this ‘treasure trove’ of saved images all would be lost.

this 2013 will be the year of photography,

i’ll be headed back to basics making more prints than ever. sharing them too ! gifting and of course selling some of my special prints in 25 print series. signed, numbered w/ certificates of authenticity. haven’t decided whether to go w/ silver based print media, canvas or metal ? archival ph will also be of a concern as well as longevity. hey jerry, u listening ? the above prints are a folio of images for some very special clients. what is that old adage, ” a photograph is worth a thousand words…” more to come !


above image, Fuji FPC-100 4×5 instant film made w/ modified Graflex Super D 4×5 w/ Dallmeyer Pentac Aero 8-inch f/2.9 lens

4×5 graflex


first off, thanks a million matt of awesome and amazing work ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !

Aloha all ! happy fathers day ! 

thanks matt ! the amazing modified Graflex Super D 4×5 SLR w/  Pentac 8-inch f/2.9 lens arrived ! here above you can see at camera right,  Super D graflex 4×5 SLR w/ built in hood and super sharp kodak ektar. 

First off, the front is made from a billet piece of aircraft 6000 series aluminum an amazing feat of machining with the option of tilt added.  the front standard is secure by two knurled knobs at the center of the standard keeping the heavy 8-inch pentac in position.


Ample tilt can be attained with a slight limit by the bellows. A future project might involve making a slightly bigger bellows to accomodate more front movements. the above view is about where the lens is at infinity. 




Left, you can see the grafted Sinar 4×5 back that was installed and fitted to the original rotating graflex system. At camera right, a modified graflex 4×5 super D w/ graflok back.  One of my goals in having this modified is the ability to shoot 4×5 instant film w/ the convenience of a single lens reflex. Both Fuji 4×5 instant films and 3×4 pack films can be utilized. 

i’ll post more photographs of the lens in action shortly, need to head up to to pick up some Fuji FP-100C 4×5 !’m on my last sheet.


more light

sorry for the delay in posting. made our move back to the islands.

first off, glad to assist with any portraits, wedding and commercial/advertising photography projects.

some images from last weekends wedding. commissioned to assist w/ portraits after ceremony. this was a stunningly beautiful day and equally beautiful bride and groom. brought the new D800 bodies out. these bodies scream for needing light. wasn’t too amazed w/ the way they bodies handled available light. since the clients didn’t need the 103MB file output i decided to shoot on ‘M’ or medium files. these whopping ‘M-sized’ files were 56MB total with tons of latitude.

above image shot w/ my special light modifier prototype (more on this later). please note too, all images are right out of the camera, no Photoshop at all.

running and gunning for less than an hour as light fades is always a challenge. thankfully i’m switched over back to regular pocketwizards which paired with my Armatar 300ws heads are a godsend. insert full mass here ! the pocketwizard non TTL lights worked perfectly.

decided to work simply with one light and the beautiful setting sun. the light quality from my light modifier ( i’ll call it a “LUM-ISPHERE’ patent pending) is stunning. specular highlights and the ability to offer speedy setup and nearly wind resistant too. i’m working on larger options and a windproof one too ! will be building prototypes for these sometime soon. the internal baffling and internal diffusion/reflection system inside is what really sets this light modifier apart from any current product out.


spring is upon us. its been almost one year since the tsunami earthquake.

honoring those who lost their lives and the folks in the Tohoku area who are rebuilding their lives. some recent photographs in and around japan 2012

an amazing time. seasons

i wish i could share the amazing beautiful fresh ume blossom aroma.

fragrant here’s view of the lens used here