january 2012 happy new years all !

Happy new years 2012 ! glad to be back home. always a pleasure assistinng in ISP coverage of POTUS & FLOTUS !

(photo tip) decided to enter some tips, stuff i learned from each situation. wish i brought a small 1 step ladder. everyone is nearly 5-feet 8-inches high, when u have ‘service’ and the masses the same height, 12-inches more height aids in more fruitful photo op. heart out to jason reed. we were all tippy-toeing to get a pic. mandel was the only one heads and shoulders above and able to make pics at will. i know what i’m bringing as omiyage to my fellow photogs.

this years coverage was another year, POTUS/FLOTUS’ vacation in the islands. most of my views of POTUS (obama) was thru the bus windows ! LOL ! there were some logistical issues that kent shared about missing the yearly shaved ice photo op. LOL ! what ? more photos of obama enjoying slurping his shaved ice ?

all is well. many hours were spent at the base starbucks. with new white house staff, my days were shared rather uneventful as in above photograph. no complaints, just sending positive energy to the commander in chief. hey, when you’re vacationing and you’re a public figure at least give the pool press some views of your beach frolicking instead of having images being made a paparazzo. what’s so secret about you and the first family enjoying the beach ? i’m a kamaaina too ! wish there was more transparency regarding this issue. we’re on the pool bus to do our job, which is to cover your movements, and this includes your vacation time out in the public.

to make daily photographs from our pool bus like above is a farce ! repeat my words, a total FARCE ! this was our only view of the day ! talk more about transparency ! actions speak louder than words. below another view which we on the pool bus have been very accustomed to.

fun times though, hanging out w/ photographers from AP, Reuters and AFP ! here we are above on christmas eve, waiting for POTUS’ motorcade to cruise past the base xmas tree.

departure via Air Force 1.

lastly, the wave. this year opted to use a hand holdable 400mm/5.6L. fantastic, hand holdable lens if there is daylight. LOL ! more on this later ! have a good day, thanks for stopping thru !


starting the year off 2011

aloha all ! sorry for the delay of posts. for 2011, i’d like to keep up a post every 2 weeks or so. many folks wonder exactly what i do… haha ! even my mom wonders. suddenly i appear in strange places in asia, collect images and beam them out then go back home quietly. last month was no exception. flew back to hawaii and was assisting with ISP or the Indpendent Still Photo Pool coverage of POTUS’ vacation, along with kick butt photographer Kent Nishimura. kudos and thanks to EPA’s Gary Kemper and ISP’s Ron Sachs.

the challenging aspect was POTUS was supposedly arriving on january 18th, due to congress issues his trip was delayed. had fun photographing along some of the most talented photographers in the United States, some of the kickass photogs of the White House press corps. Agence France Presse’ Saul ‘Sam’ Loeb, Thomson Reuters’ Kevin LeMarque, AP’s Carolyn Kaster and Chris Carlson. you all rock !

also, thanks to Japan Nikon Professional Services meister Shirasaka san for the hookup and wonderful services. also thank you kindly to Deborah McQuade in NY NPS. thank you kindly !

below are some images of President obama’s vacation some published and some behind the scenes views.

above. iso 100,000, Nikon D3S. amazing. a little background info. as air force one descended i was next to chris. i said,” there’s AF-1″. he said, ‘yeah right…”. i laughed… actually could see her descend as i was peering thru the 500mm VR lens. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

above image. POTUS pops out the door of air force one. iso 100,000. opted for no flash going for a natural ambient look and the nikon D3s can handle. we were under the wing and scrambling and jostling for images. fun ! photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

during most of the week, we wait. sometimes without photo ops or ‘sprays’ as they are also called. fun ! somedays all we see is POTUS/FLOTUS behind glass driving in his SUV like below. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

or view below of the motorcade, the standard view. LOL ! photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

three amigos. three of the photographers jostling for sunrise images along Kailuana Place. Kailua, Hawaii.

above. President Obama enjoys shave ice at Island Snow. Kailua Hawaii. 2011. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

thank goodness he played at a public course with public access. above, we lucked out and local TV was filming so we were able to ‘see’ golf. most of his golfing and beach activities we weren’t allowed access. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

President Obama avoids little xavier Nesbitt as he walks with friends and family at the Honolulu Zoo. 3 january 2011. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

above image of jetstreams of aircraft as they approach the ‘no fly’ sphere of President obama. photo Cory Lum/ISP Pool

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bid farewell. photo by Cory Lum / ISP Pool