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thanks to my grams and gramps !

series of 12 images on 1 roll of 120 black and white film.
have a wonderful week !

lighting by profoto. elinchrom octabank. kodak TRI-x film.


Arca Swiss 4×5 & musings

today’s post is with amazing assistance from Dr. John Emmett, a linchpin, meister ! he first converted my broken Hasselblad 2000FC series krap titanium shutter to his amazing proprietary carbon fiber shutter ! his contact info will be at the bottom of this post. feel free to contact him about any hasselblad 2000 FC series mods, carbon shutter replacements at je@bpr.org.uk


next, i need to adapt the rear toyo 45A back to the front removable plate on the arca to mate the toyo field camera to the body as a focus unit with full tilt and shift abilities.