ricoh GR digital


greetings and aloha !

Drum Roll Please !  Introducing a familiar face, reincarnated a few times, each incarnation looking similar with sensor sizes getting larger and more dynamic, the  compact Ricoh Pentax GR. (cheers from the crowd!)  Here to share first impressions, while I won’t be going into too much details on the specs, instead will be focusing on the usability and real life making photographs situations.

Build quality solid with minimal toggles and buttons.  Worked flawlessly over the two weeks working with this compact camera. First frame above, selfie. camera worked quick on focus indoors straight out of camera w/ no photoshop adjustments as all images i’m displaying. Below is the camera, rather small compared with the pocketwizard on it. by the way, i shot some tests of 1/2000 flash sync w/ the Pocketwizard, wish i had more time to make some outdoor portraits. ricoh company link



Moving on to the hands on.  the footprint of the camera, very compact to carry around.  In addition, the camera turns on in an instant and is ready to use without any delay.  This is especially helpful when making photographs of a 3-year old or making images of spontaneous street scenes.  Above, camera focused on the middle with window light coming from my back,  focus was spot on.  46MB files not bad for a point & shoot pocket sized camera.


Overall the ergonomics facilitate one hand operation and quick snaps. All controls laid out intuitively and even though I didn’t read the manual, the camera is user friendly, just by fiddling around was able to navigate and use camera effectively.  Above image as we’re going thru a car wash, great back light metering, camera set on Program, metering well with highlights intact without being blown out. definite plus here !

skiesRICOHaSML Above image, i darkened the sky a little.

One ‘con’ is the lowlight focusing with the camera searching.  Maybe the engineers could build in a small LED light. Easy fix.

Exposures were spot on allowing the photographer to fine tune exposure on the fly by using the up/down rear toggle on the rigt hand side with your thumb while still being poised for image making.

The rear screen is exceptionally sharp, almost sharper than my nikonD800, allowing the user to assess composition and focus.


Conclusion, great camera, great design with above average  imaging.  I would put it into the ‘buy’ category, especially when you don’ t want to schlep your five-pound camera around your neck and need images that you can print.  Speaking of prints, I have personally seen shows in the Ricoh galleries in Tokyo’s Ginza up to over 5-foot by 8-foot prints, and that was the previous series of Ricoh GR. This is the latest ricoh GR that the prints even larger could be done !  have fun ! thanks for reading thru ! mahalo !


4×5 graflex


first off, thanks a million matt of awesome and amazing work ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !

Aloha all ! happy fathers day ! 

thanks matt ! the amazing modified Graflex Super D 4×5 SLR w/  Pentac 8-inch f/2.9 lens arrived ! here above you can see at camera right,  Super D graflex 4×5 SLR w/ built in hood and super sharp kodak ektar. 

First off, the front is made from a billet piece of aircraft 6000 series aluminum an amazing feat of machining with the option of tilt added.  the front standard is secure by two knurled knobs at the center of the standard keeping the heavy 8-inch pentac in position.


Ample tilt can be attained with a slight limit by the bellows. A future project might involve making a slightly bigger bellows to accomodate more front movements. the above view is about where the lens is at infinity. 




Left, you can see the grafted Sinar 4×5 back that was installed and fitted to the original rotating graflex system. At camera right, a modified graflex 4×5 super D w/ graflok back.  One of my goals in having this modified is the ability to shoot 4×5 instant film w/ the convenience of a single lens reflex. Both Fuji 4×5 instant films and 3×4 pack films can be utilized. 

i’ll post more photographs of the lens in action shortly, need to head up to to pick up some Fuji FP-100C 4×5 !’m on my last sheet.