back to basics

back to basics

sharing with everyone in this time of holiday cheers and special times all point to a more poignant ‘bigger picture’ . as the quest for photographic images has moved from camera to i-phone, photographers both new and old are motivated to share and most importantly store most of their images for the future on their little devices. the crux or paradox is if anything happened to this ‘treasure trove’ of saved images all would be lost.

this 2013 will be the year of photography,

i’ll be headed back to basics making more prints than ever. sharing them too ! gifting and of course selling some of my special prints in 25 print series. signed, numbered w/ certificates of authenticity. haven’t decided whether to go w/ silver based print media, canvas or metal ? archival ph will also be of a concern as well as longevity. hey jerry, u listening ? the above prints are a folio of images for some very special clients. what is that old adage, ” a photograph is worth a thousand words…” more to come !


above image, Fuji FPC-100 4×5 instant film made w/ modified Graflex Super D 4×5 w/ Dallmeyer Pentac Aero 8-inch f/2.9 lens


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